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  1. Fad Foods - Reconstituted from Meat Flakes and Delivered in a Cheeto-Dusted Dorito Burrito

    For a limited time only\*, you can check out this week's episode IN SMELL-O-VISION as we talk about fans of fad foods! Plus, we've got a special guest: Nick H of the Epic Film Guys and RestauRant podcast! Next week, we're closing out the season with a callback to the first ...


  2. Breakfast Cereals - Part of a Fans’s Complete Breakfast

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # This week's episode is gr-r-reat, probably because we can see why kids love the swirl of Nicks in every bit of this week's episode... on Breakfast Cereal fans! Next week, we'll have special guest friend, [EFG Nick](, to talk about ...


  3. Wonder Woman - Lassoing the Truth about the Fairer Fandom

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # This week, in honour of International Women's Day, we're talking about an important fandom in the DC Comics universe. We're talking about that founding member of the Justice League, goddess, and Ambassador-at-Large of the Amazon people: Wonder Woman! And can ...


  4. Monty Python - Fans, Fans and Toast, Fans and Eggs, Fans and Ham, Fans, Fans, Fans!

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # We've no room for dead parrots, flying circus, silly walks, or arguments... or do we? This week, we're talking about fans of that iconic English comedy group that are definitely not snakes: Monty Python! Next week, we'll be travelling to ...


  5. Rick and Morty - Ah Geez, Fans, I Dunno

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # This week, are we getting Rick-ity wrecked in order to learn about Rick and Morty fandom? Not exactly, but I guess that's the waaaaaaaay the news goes. We ARE chatting with Tyler Marchant (host of the [Cynical Cartoons Podcast]( ...