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  1. Chiptune - Sample Mario Brothers

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # This week, we're talking about the who, what, and why of Chiptunes! A few parts music theory, a few parts video games, and a lot of speculation! Next week, Nier, far, wherever you are, we know that your heart will ...


  2. Retrogaming - CRT Appreciation Station

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # This week, we don't want to hold down the B button as we talk about fans of retrogaming with special guest, Mike, from Lost Without Translation! Next week, we'll be continuing the feel-good beeps and boops to talk about Chiptunes! ## ...


  3. ReBoot - The Original Matrix

    [// Pregenerate link to episode ahead of time: -]: # "I come from the Nickscast. Through conventions, people, and cities, to this place - Fanthropological. My format, Co-host: To state and investigate. To learn about my new found friends, their hopes and dreams, and to defend them from their ...


  4. Minisode: Why Re-release Secret of Mana?

    Out of all the games on all the consoles in all the world, this one walked onto mine. This week, we're talking about the re-release of the remastered _Secret of Mana_! Why did Square Enix release it over its contemporaries? And what's the deal with video game re-releases anyway? All this ...


  5. SCP Foundation - It’s All Winks and Nudges — Or Is It?

    This week, we make sure that everything is cleared by the ethics committee before we talk about SCP-001. That's right we're talking about fans of the SCP Foundation! ...And that's it for this season! Main episodes will be back in two weeks, but stay tuned because next week we have a ...