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Latest Episodes…

  1. Yuri on Ice - Born to Make History

    Can you hear, our heart beat? No? Well, turn up the volume to hear us (and special guest, Nikola, of [YOI Wednesdays]( talk about fans of Yuri!! on ICE! Next week, we'll be talking with a guy who literally wrote the book (well, _a_ book) on Chrono Trigger, Michael P. Williams, ...


  2. Speculative Fiction - Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures

    You find yourself in the not so distant future; it's a place just a bit different, but in ways you hadn't imagined, and its where you will spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE. ... Alright, we're not all speculative fiction writers, but we do have a special guest, Jen Frankel, ...


  3. Interview: Chrono Trigger Fans with Greg Werner (One Piece Podcast)

    How exactly does one find themselves sitting on a toilet in Japan, looking back on a life of Sailor Moon, Akira Toriyama, and Chrono Trigger? We have quite the story to tell as Nick G and Greg talk about growing up as a fan of Chrono Trigger, its influence on Greg's ...


  4. Scott Pilgrim - A 'Trash Dillweed'

    We got a stereo, you just got to turn the knob and baby we'll go as far as we can... but we're not garbage men. This week, we have special guest, [Matthew Tyler Di Leo (aka SonicMTD)]( to help talk us through the fandom of Scott Pilgrim... fans. Next week, we ...


  5. Gunpla - A Perfect Grade Podcast

    Take part A1-2 and add part D3-5, then turn the middle part top-wise?? This week, we're talking about the world of Gundam plastic models, AKA Gunpla, with special guest, Lauren Orsini—_[The Otaku Journalist]( and author of _[Gunpla 101](! Next week: Are you hearing voices? Animal noises? The creme-de-la-creme? The feminine abyss? ...